Choose your adventure! In the winter of 2002 I headed to Guinea for a six-month work assignment and ended up staying two and a half years. Along the way, I posted writings and photos of my travels. For other travel articles, please check out the articles section.


Dog Days of Guinea

Gris gris-ed

The Sacred Grain


Road Warrior

War and Peace

Malaria Nightmares

A Simple Case of Snap and Run

Where the Pavement Ends

Slow Days and Smoking Dogs

A Profane Ramadan

Happy Returns

Finding Home, Coming Home

April's Mom in Africa Long Version Short Version

Links to ReliefWeb stories

Life cont'd...

Grateful in Gouela Published on

Life in Conakry

Notes from Treasure Island

Getting there is half the horror

Tell me, crystal ball, will I get to Guinea?

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